Luanne Martineau

Luanne Martineau

Luanne Martineau is an Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing at Concordia University. Her research focuses on the social stratification of artistic production and the "naturalized" cracks between artistic genres, with a long tradition of satire and criticism in contemporary art. By linking craft processes to the stifled stories of the craftsman, in a minimalist "manoeuvered" and post-minimalist materialism, Martineau's research continues the fusion of method, style and ideology in artistic production.


She is represented by the Trépanier Baer Gallery in Calgary.

November 2019
January 2019

Monday : closed

Tuesday to Friday: 12 to 5 P.M.


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101 place du Curé-Labelle, Saint-Jérôme, QC, J7Z 1X6


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Here Elsewhere Other Hauntings

Jim-me Yoon

September 8 to November 3, 2019

The MAC LAU is very pleased to collaborate with the Musée d'art de Joliette (MAJ) for this first exhibition devoted to the Canadian-Korean artist Jin-me Yoon, which will be presented in two parts. A first part to see at the MAJ from June 8 to September 8, 2019, and a second to see in Saint-Jérôme from September 8, 2019!

- $20 (includes donations) Learn more

Milutin Gubash

Milutin Gubash

February 9 to April 5, 2020

(This content is unavailable in English) La présentation du travail de Milutin Gubash s'inscrit dans le cadre de la série Rencontre. Elle vise à soutenir le travail d’un artiste dans le cadre de multiples présentations s’échelonnant sur deux années consécutives, permettant au Musée ainsi qu’au public d’entretenir un dialogue soutenu avec ce dernier.

- $20 (includes donations) Learn more
Exhibitions, Permanent events

Tous les chemins mènent à l'oeuvre

Reynald Connolly, Kittie Bruneau, Gilles Boisvert, Jean-Pierre Séguin, Yvon Goulet


(This content is unavailable in English)
Cette exposition est présentée à l'accueil du Musée. Afin de dynamiser son espace foyer, le MAC LAU propose aux visiteurs, entre autres aux familles, l’expositions Tous les chemins mènent à l’œuvre.

- $20 (includes donations) Learn more

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