Luanne Martineau

Luanne Martineau


This exhibition, presented as part of the MAC LAU's Série rencontre*, brings together four recent works that echo the writings of Georges Bataille, including two newly created  works that will be presented for the first time.

Luanne Martineau is an Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing at Concordia University. Her research focuses on the social stratification of artistic production and the "naturalized" fissures between artistic genres, initiating a long tradition of satire and criticism within contemporary art.

She is represented by the Trépanier Baer Gallery.

*The Série Rencontre is divided in two parts: the first allows the public to be introduced to the artist's work, through a smaller  exhibition of selected works. The second part, presented the following year, is a solo exhibition featuring a larger corpus from the artist. Luanne Martineau's solo exhibition is scheduled for November 2020.

November 2019
January 2019

Monday : closed

Tuesday to Friday: 12 to 5 P.M.


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101 place du Curé-Labelle, Saint-Jérôme, QC, J7Z 1X6


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Tous les chemins mènent à l'oeuvre

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Cette exposition est présentée à l'accueil du Musée. Afin de dynamiser son espace foyer, le MAC LAU propose aux visiteurs, entre autres aux familles, l’expositions Tous les chemins mènent à l’œuvre.

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Lumière sur les collections

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Cette exposition est présentée au Parc de la Rivière-du-Nord.
Le Parc régional de la Rivière-du-Nord et le Musée s’unissent pour vous présenter des expositions faisant écho à ce lieu unique où la faune et la flore laurentienne sont à l’honneur.

- $20 (includes donations) Learn more

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