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Lab.observatoire de la mobilité

Dans le sac de Carlos, Florianópolis, Brésil, 28.12.2018. Photo : Raphaëlle de Groot.
Research, Community
January 25, 2019

A collaborative project by Raphaëlle de Groot

Quebec artist Raphaëlle de Groot lives a nomadic life between Canada, Italy and Brazil with her husband and son. Her experiences have led her to propose a project based on her mobile existence.

Defined as the ability or capacity to move, to travel, but also to change and evolve, the notion of mobility evokes the idea of trajectory and transformation. It is linked to individual and collective realities, and is at the heart of social, environmental and political issues. In each of her home bases, Raphaëlle solicits creative exchanges with individuals, communities and organizations that are interested in these same subjects.

Within this context and as a Canadian anchoring point, the MAC LAU welcomes Raphaëlle de Groot as part of its programming for an indefinite period of time. As the MAC LAU considers its own issues of mobility, its institutional model, its notions of territory and community, the development of its collection and the objects therein, it views this collaboration with Raphaëlle as a reciprocal space of reflection that will influence each of their practices. 

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