Call for souvenirs

May 15, 2023

Call for Souvenirs from Manitou Community College

MAC LAU is seeking memorabilia that bears witness to Manitou Community College to be temporarily collected in a space reserved for those concerned by the College's history.

Since April 2023, MAC LAU has dedicated its welcome spaces to Manitou College and its effects. 

The idea is to collect memorabilia for on-site viewing, digitization, and availability to those concerned with the history of the College. These memorabilia could be photographs, letters, maps, course outlines, administrative documents, notebooks, objects, slides, negatives, videos, audio tapes, drawings, etc. If necessary, an agreement will be made with you to define the conditions under which you wish to consult them (e.g. who can consult them, how to return them). There will also be a tape recorder on site to tell stories in a quiet space.

Why are we doing this call for memories?

The collection of archives and testimonies are related to the MAC LAU's approach to Manitou College, which is called The Manitou Effect. It is important for us to understand your experience of the College, what benefits you derived from it, how it influenced your career. In other words, what is your personal "Manitou Effect"? The reception areas will serve as places to drop off or view documents, record stories, meet with former, or hold events (public or otherwise).

A few years ago, MAC LAU worked with artist Domingo Cisneros to present his artistic work. Through contact with this important actor of Manitou College, the MAC LAU team became aware of the need to make visible this historic event of Indigenous self-determination that dates back to the 1970s and to reach out to Indigenous communities.

To send, make an appointment or ask questions, contact Gabrielle Larocque:

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