The Permanent Collection

Works in the Permanent Collection are judged in terms of their importance in an artist’s body of work and in the history of art in Quebec, their rarity, their exhibition history, etc. Works are conserved with the aim of protecting them over the very long term (100 years and more).

The MAC LAU intends to offer a permanent exhibition that illustrates the evolution of its thought process on collecting. From September 2017 onward, the MAC LAU will dedicate one of its rooms to exhibiting the transformation process of its collection.

A selection of artworks from the Permanent Collection

1.  René Derouin
Échographie de la mémoire génétique
Donation from Julie Derouin 
©SODRAC (2017)
Photo : Lucien Lisabelle

2.  André Fournelle
Je n’absurde ni la vie ni la mort. J’absurde l’homme
Wall-mounted sculpture made of neons in an acrylic box 
157 x 122 x 10,5 cm 
Donation from Patrick Charlebois 
© Musée d'art contemporain des Laurentides
Photo :  Lucien Lisabelle

3.  Jacques Hurtubise
Acrylic paint on canvas
122 x 122 cm 
Donation from Louise Desmarchais 
©SODRAC (2017)
Photo : Lucien Lisabelle

4.  Jean Paul Riopelle
Prise de becs
Mixed-media on  paper marouflaged to canvas
57 x 76,5 cm 
Inventory Number in the Catalogue raisonné : #1983.117 
© Jean Paul Riopelle's Legacy/SODRAC (2017)
Photo :  Lucien Lisabelle

5. Pierre Leblanc
La roche aux fées
Installation, black and white photographs, smear and charcoal on papier 
199,60 x 286 cm 
©Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides
Photo: Lucien Lisabelle

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The main mission of the Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides is to showcase, share and promote the works of visual artists. Towards this vision, the museum collects, preserves, exhibits and documents artworks with a particular emphasis on contemporary art. The MAC LAU acquires, on a regular basis, a growing collection of print and audiovisual works and media reflective of the visual arts practices of the Laurentians, allowing for the continued documentation, preservation, research, exhibition and interpretation of these works. The MAC LAU carefully evaluates all artworks donation submissions.

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